Diga grew up in the remote community of Behchoko, located in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Behchoko is the capital of the Tlicho Nation. His first and only language until the age of 9 was Tlicho. Growing up surrounded by older brothers who were passionate about rock and roll, the sounds of iconic artists like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the soundtrack of Diga’s childhood. Yet, Diga’s first artistic interests fell firmly in visual arts and cartooning. It wasn’t until Diga found a forgotten copy of Tom Waits’s Rain Dogs that he developed fascination with music, and it led him down the journey he has been on since.  

Diga continues to live, write, and produce music from Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories. Fueled for his love of the North, his music is often infused with stories from his father’s life on the land, as well as his own experience being caught between two worlds. Diga works with his long time friend and drummer, David Dowe, as well as many other talented local musicians to create and develop the sounds of Digawolf.  

Like most musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic, Diga has been locked away in his studio with his computer and guitar, devoid of a live audience. Stemming from this period of isolation is a unique album that stretches song into ballad and guitar riff into an instrumental exploration. As soon as he was able, he brought the band together, to start recording this Covidian epoch. Diga invites you on a journey through Canada’s North with his poetic prose and distinctive growling voice. 

The album artwork features the comic strip Jimbo Bear, a cartoon that Diga created for publication in a local newspaper. The comic strips once again feature themes of Canada’s North, with funny little quips about fishing, hunting, canoeing, and living on the land. Henry and Jimbo’s sarcastic relationship has entertained many throughout the years, and in a time when we all need a sense of humour, it seemed like the perfect artwork for an album created during a pandemic.



Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, Best Male Artist of the Year, The Earth is Crying, Diga - 2005



Junos, Indigenous Band of the Year, Yellowstone - 2020

Western Canadian Music Awards, Rock Album of the Year and Indigenous Artist of the Year, Yellowstone - 2019

Indigenous Music Award, Rock Album of the Year, Great Northern Man - 2017

Canadian Folk Music Awards, Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year, Great Northern Man - 2016

Western Canadian Music Awards, Aboriginal Artist of the Year, Great Northern Man - 2016

Junos, Aboriginal Album of the Year, Distant Morning Star - 2010

Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, Best Folk Album, The Earth is Crying, Diga - 2005

Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, Best Instrumental Album, Father, Jesse James Gon - 2003


Opened for:
Sam Roberts, the White Stripes, Florent Vollant (Kashtin)


Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Kashtin, Sacred Spirit, Robbie Robertson, Roy Buchanan, Neil Young and The Tlicho Drummers