High Arctic set for release November 6, 2020!


Exclaim! - February 2019 - Kyle Mullin -  "Digawolf and his cohorts have crafted a modern Canadian masterpiece — Yellowknife's answer to Cohen's Montreal hymns, Young's Prairie parables, Lang's Albertan anthems, and Doiron's Maritime deep cuts. Yes, Digawolf's work here stands shoulder to shoulder with those legends" http://exclaim.ca/music/article/digawolf-yellowstone


CBC Q - January 2019 - Tom Power - “I really love this record… I hear some Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Jackson Brown.”, “One of my favourite artists we’ve had in all year!”  https://www.cbc.ca/listen/shows/q/segment/15666102 


Bandcamp - February 2019 - Luke Ottenhof  -  “It’s a record that captures the harshness, magic, and romance of the north, but it also disrupts it with dissonant flourishes, inexplicable glitches, and imaginative tales of UFOs. Some of it is metaphor, some of it is rooted in reality. It all melds together to paint a picture of a land in transit, shaped by and independent of modernity, both resistant and already surrendered.”  https://daily.bandcamp.com/2019/02/21/digawolf-yellowstone-interview/